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Suggest an Investigation

The Commissioner may investigate any matter where the environment has been or may be adversely affected. The public are open to suggest investigations in cases when they do not regard the matter has been appropriately dealt with.

The best place however to start is to take your enquiry to the public agency responsible. This may be:

Making a complaint

If you have contacted the public agency responsible and are not satisfied with its response you can make a complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. A complaint should briefly outline your concern and be submitted to us via email or letter (contact details below). We will only request details of your concern if the Commissioner decides to investigate further.

Whether or not an environmental investigation results from a complaint is at the discretion of the Commissioner. The office is only small and though we will not be able to act on or investigate all complaints, we still take note of all concerns raised and value all community input.

If you do write to us, please keep in mind that the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment cannot:

If you consider you have been unfairly treated by a council or government agency, the Office of the Ombudsmen may also be able to help.

Tell us what's happening

If you do not wish to make a complaint, you still may like to tell us about your concern or about positive local initiatives that are under way.

This is important. Keeping us informed helps us when we look at our strategic direction, choose which investigations to do, and plan our investigations - including setting the scope and selecting case studies.

Contact details

To send us a complaint or to tell us what's happening, send an email to, or post your letter to Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, PO Box 10-241, Wellington, or fax to 04 495 8350. Please outline your concern briefly.

Please include your name and contact details (we will not disclose these details without your permission, our policy is here). We will acknowledge receipt of your letter, and will contact you further if we decide to act on or investigate your complaint.