Orakei Korako


Most of our publications from 1997 onwards are available here.

These documents may be copied provided the source is acknowledged.

Recent publications are available in pdf format and as printed reports. Publications prior to August 1997 are available here as scanned PDF image files. Most recent reports are available in hard copy and free copies can be requested by emailing pce@pce.parliament.nz or by phone (64-4-471 1669)

Below are our ten most recent publications. For a complete list of all publications click here.
The state of air quality in New Zealand: Commentary by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment on the '2014 Air Domain Report'
05 Mar 2015
Update Report: On a pathway to extinction? An investigation into the status and management of the longfin eel
10 Dec 2014
Changing climate and rising seas: Understanding the science
27 Nov 2014
Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2014
14 Oct 2014
Strategic Intentions 2014 - 2018
14 Oct 2014
Update report - Hydroelectricity or wild rivers: Climate change versus natural heritage
20 Jun 2014
Update Report - Making difficult decisions: Mining the conservation estate
19 Jun 2014
Drilling for oil and gas in New Zealand: Environmental oversight and regulation
04 Jun 2014
Submission on the Environmental Reporting Bill to the Local Government and Environment Committee
14 Apr 2014
Proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011
04 Feb 2014