19 August 2011

Environment reporting document welcomed – Environment Commissioner

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, is welcoming the environment reporting discussion document released by the Environment Minister Nick Smith last night.

The document proposes that the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment assumes responsibility for regular state of the environment reporting at the national level.

Dr Wright says regular environment reporting is particularly important for New Zealand:

"When I conducted my investigation into state of the environment reporting last year I was surprised to find that New Zealand is the only country in the OECD that does not have legislation for regular state of the environment reporting despite the fact we rely on our clean green image in the international marketplace.

"I believe that reporting on the state of our environment would fit well with the Commissioner's role as an auditor and overseer of the way we manage our environment and I personally am excited by the prospect.

"I would urge all interested parties to make a submission on this document as it is important that any environmental reporting legislation is developed as openly and with as much consensus as possible."


A copy of the discussion document is available here.

A copy of Dr Wright's 2010 report on state of the Environment Reporting, How Clean is New Zealand? is available here.