29 January 2010

Environment Commissioner welcomes report into the roll-out of smart meters

"A new report released yesterday on the roll-out of smart meters is a welcome contribution to the current debate. It also brings a new perspective to the issue," said Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

The Commissioner was referring to the paper "Smarter" Meters in New Zealand released by a group of electricity distribution companies.

"The concern shown by this group of Chief Executives illustrates that smart meters are an issue of national strategic importance regarding infrastructure. In particular, the role they could play in a smart grid and managing levels of electricity demand," said the Commissioner.

"I note with interest that the group recognises that without really smart meters, consumers have no ability to make the most of new technology or to save money. And I would add that without this ability, the environment also misses out," Dr Wright concluded.

Dr Wright released a report in June, Smart electricity meters: How households and the environment can benefit, and presented the Commerce Committee with further advice at the end of last year.