30 March 2010

Changes a good move for native forests

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, is welcoming proposed amendments to Emissions Trading Scheme carbon tables that would provide more accurate carbon entitlements for native forestry.

In her submission to the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry today, Dr Wright has recommended the changes are made to reduce disincentives for native planting.

"These changes will help ensure that carbon credit entitlements for native forest are based on the best science available and as such I am recommending they are made.

"The current system allocates a low flat rate of three credits per hectare per year for all native planting whereas the rates for exotic forestry are based on a more accurate assessment of their carbon storage.

"This discrepancy between how native and exotic carbon entitlements are calculated is an artificial barrier to indigenous forestry and I am pleased MAF has recognised this issue and proposed appropriate changes."

The amendments are in line with the Commissioner's submission to 2008 forestry regulations and 2009 advice to ETS process.