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Efforts to protect longfin eels must be followed through, says Environment Commissioner 10 Dec 2014
Update Report: On a pathway to extinction? An investigation into the status and management of the longfin eel 10 Dec 2014
Environment Commissioner warns of impact from rising seas 27 Nov 2014
Changing climate and rising seas: Understanding the science 27 Nov 2014
Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2014 14 Oct 2014
Strategic Intentions 2014 - 2018 14 Oct 2014
Reviewing catch limits for longfin eel is crucial, says Environment Commissioner 07 Aug 2014
The Environment – What Matters Most? 17 Jul 2014
Reflections on Conservation Forest and Bird Sanderson Memorial Dinner 28 Jun 2014
Environment Commissioner concerned about weak protection of wild and scenic rivers 20 Jun 2014
Update report - Hydroelectricity or wild rivers: Climate change versus natural heritage 20 Jun 2014
Environment Commissioner queries the special status of mining on conservation land 19 Jun 2014
Update Report - Making difficult decisions: Mining the conservation estate 19 Jun 2014
Environment Commissioner urges New Zealand to “get ahead of the game” on an expanding oil and gas industry 04 Jun 2014
Drilling for oil and gas in New Zealand: Environmental oversight and regulation 04 Jun 2014
Environment Commissioner calls for significant changes to Environmental Reporting Bill 14 Apr 2014
Submission on the Environmental Reporting Bill to the Local Government and Environment Committee 14 Apr 2014
Environment Commissioner welcomes national reporting plans 20 Feb 2014
Environment Commissioner says Government’s proposals to protect water quality missing the mark 04 Feb 2014
Proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011 04 Feb 2014
Environment Commissioner welcomes Government response to threatened pest “explosion”. 29 Jan 2014